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About Us

Motivation Got Us Started. Commitment Keeps Us Going

Our Commitment

Our Commitment to Excellence in Service Quality: We, being recognized as the best interior firm Singapore, are eager to provide good customer services that meet or exceed the customers’ expectation and hold ourselves to the highest ethical and professional standards and pledge to bring about our commitment to the highest level with our best possible approach to the business in mind. Carpenters Design Group adopts a fair and ethical business practice as well as appropriate marketing communications at all times and having the responsibility to our customers.

Our Vision

To deliver total customer satisfaction.

Our Mission

  • Innovate and create trendsetting designs.
  • Ensure High-Quality production standards.
  • Provide effective customer service and efficient after sales support.
  • Groom and nurture passionate and dedicate workforce.- Work-life balance workforce.

Business Policy

As an exemplary interior design firm Singapore, Our organization ensures that the services rendered and products offered are of satisfactory
quality as defined in:

  • Sales of Goods Act S14 (2);
  • Consumer Protection (Fair Trading) Act; and
  • Lemon Law

When it comes to renovation and interior works. Every homeowners’ dream is to be able to conclude a job well done with a handshake to the interior designer of an interior design firm Singapore, where all parties are satisfied. A key factor in success would be offering solutions tailored to their clients.

Furthermore, for home-owner who are unsure of the concepts they wanted would be given respectively portfolios of the best interior firm Singapore.

When it comes to renovation work, Carpenters ideal scenario would be able to fulfil the homeowner’s dream house providing satisfaction to both parties has also served as a source of motivation pushing him to deliver great results for their clients.匠 has multiple notable accreditation to date.

With his father as a carpenter, it would come as no surprise that Mr Lau’s first memories of work would be helping his father in his business, doing odd jobs such as moving and basic assembly. However, after graduating from University, Mr Lau decided to move away from this field, working in other trades to varying degrees of success.

The business got started when a friend, knowing of Mr Lau’s past experience in the industry, sought his help for designing and renovating his house. In the midst of an unsuccessful endeavour, Mr Lau decided to set up a business to help his friend, in other words, “the first client”. Due to the quality work done, the referrals soon started pouring in, Mr Lau eventually found his true calling in interior design and established, the interior design firm in Singapore, in December 2010.

As it befits a creative environment, practices a company culture that is strong on both welfare and autonomy. For the employees to deliver quality work, Mr Lau believes it is important to first respect them and to offer them a conducive environment to do their best.

As a Singapore interior design company, a key factor in ‘s success would be offering solutions tailored to their clients, regardless of their budget or knowledge about renovation works. Elaborating on this, Mr. Lau said that for homeowners that were unsure of concepts they wanted, they would be shown themes, examples of homes worked on. Through analyzing their preferences, the company could work out a good compromise for all parties involved.

When it comes to renovation work, every a homeowner’s dream is to be able to conclude a job well done with a handshake to the interior designer, where all parties are satisfied.

This ideal scenario has served as Mr Yen Lau’s source of motivation, pushing him to deliver results for their clients.

An incident that stood out in Mr Lau’s mind that happened in the early days when he was tasked with creating a minimalist industrial design for a relatively large private house. While the design trend was in vogue, this Singapore interior design company met resistance from the client in adopting it for his house. After some persuasion, the client was convinced, and to his surprise, found himself liking the design far more than initially expected.

One source of inspiration for Mr Lau would be his father, who supervises the carpentry operations. In doing so, the elder Mr Lau’s experience in the trade has benefited his son, while also serving to revive his carpentry business.

On the other hand, for those who knew of what they wanted in their homes, while Mr Lau said it was easier for them as they already had a clear vision, as we Carpenters still believed in providing good advice on how the renovation could be approached to control costs and achieve even better results.

Brand History

In 1950, Ban Yew was officially set up in Malaysia. We started out with only 2 carpenters and the traditional style of carpentry and furniture fabrication, which includes manual hand-sawing, filing, etc.

Our core business was fabricating furniture, custom-made furniture, and sold them to furniture retails. And this is when the journey of this Singapore interior design company started.

In 1976, Moved to Singapore in 1976, Ban Yew was officially registered as a business in Singapore as Ban Yew Timber and Renovation Construction.

On 1977, The 2nd generation Mr Lau Kwok Luen took over his father’s business back in 1977. Started carpentry works at the age of 8 until
today. With a quick expansion of carpenters, Ban Yew then rented a 3000sqft private premise at Jalan Paras, for carpentry and production use.

During 1982, with a huge demand for whole house renovation works, Ban Yew then diversified to not only pure carpentry works but included whole house renovation packages, which include our forte carpentry, as well as wet works, ceiling works, electrical, etc.

In 1986, our first showroom was officially opened in Macpherson Road. We established as one of the pioneers in the renovation and interior industry.

On 1989, we launched 2 more interior design showrooms in the then-popular Bukit Timah Plaza and Bukit Timah Shopping Centre, and in 1995, our fourth showroom in Beauty World Centre.

1991, Ban Yew was then relocated by HDB to a permanent premise in Eunos, a corner terrace industrial house which consists of a 2500sqft factory space + 1200sqft office space, which is also our current headquarters for the past 2 decades.

Ban Yew officially launched Carpenter Productions on 29 Dec 2010, as part of their subsidiary company.

Carpenter Productions is more focused on keeping up with the current trend of Singapore interior design.

Carpenter Productions is later renamed to Pte Ltd in July 2012 and is now highlighted as the best interior design firm in Singapore. With our up to date designers scouting for the most up to date designs, combined with Ban Yew’s vast experiences in renovation and carpentry quality, we are once again bringing Ban Yew and Carpenters to new milestones.

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We are also BCA CR06 and CR09 accredited.

Carpenters are also RCMA-CASETRUST accredited.This scheme requires an accredited business to protect a customer’s deposit payment through purchase of a deposit performance bond. This bond will safeguard deposits against closure, winding up and/or liquidation.

A CaseTrust Standard Renovation Contract will also be adopted by businesses to ensure cost transparency and accountability for listed deliverable in a renovation project in efforts to meet the demands of a modern discerning consumer.