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Choose Bidet Singapore and Have a Better Bathroom Experience (Demo)

The bidet Singapore is an efficient device that offers a more hygienic, affordable and environmental-friendly bathroom solution. It is also easy to install and does not take up too much bathroom space. When you use toilet paper in cleaning yourself, you do not get the same level of cleanliness as when you use water. Toilet paper can cause skin irritation and encourage the spread of microbes. This is why many people are following the practice of using a bidet and renovating their bathrooms just to make room for the inclusion of a bidet and other similar devices.


Instead of a pre-owned bidet that is usually attached to the bathroom wall, some people use a bidet spray an as alternative. A bidet spray can be installed to your toilet and it gushes out a jet of clean water after you use the toilet. This provides similar benefits as bidet that is individually installed. Instead of simply wiping your privates, it is more ideal to use a bidet for a more enhanced personal hygiene.


Health Benefits

The bidet Singapore is an invaluable tool for the health of every member of the family. Regular utilization of a bidet can significantly improve your hygiene, making it a much better alternative in place of using bathroom tissue. When you use water to wash, you certainly feel much cleaner. Likewise, you prevent the spread of germs and other harmful elements.


Patients with medical conditions such as hemorrhoids also benefit from bidet utilization. Toilet paper can irritate sensitive skin in the perennial area and does not provide a complete-cleaning sensation. This also applies to old-aged people who have less mobility, and to young children who are not yet able to clean themselves. Further, using bidets can relieve constipation-related discomfort and provide ease and soothing effect to pregnant mothers. For this reason, more and more households, hotels, as well as hospitals and health centers, include bidet Singapore in their toilet facilities.


Environmental Benefits

Bidets can reduce and even eliminate the need for toilet paper. This practice does not only save you money on paper products, but also reduces your carbon footprint as you lessen your paper wastes over time. In addition, bidets also lower the spread of a number of common pollutants that are present in regular bathroom tissue.


Households that utilize bidet can also cut their water consumption down by 75 percent. More advanced bidets even have a power-saving function which calculates the time of day the bidet is most frequently utilized and turns itself off when not in use. This leads to optimal energy savings and water conservation.


Bidets in Hospitals

Toilet seat bidets are gaining increased popularity as an inclusion in hospital bathroom facilities. Elderly people, as well as the disabled and those who don’t have the ability to clean themselves, benefit from the use of bidet Singapore. Bidet makes washing easier and most patients can utilize this tool without any assistance. Some bidets even include a remote control which can be mounted on the wall. These are great for people with impaired mobility.


Bidet Options

Bidets come in a range of styles, shapes and prices. If you browse through some websites dedicated to home and décor, you will find many design variations. This is done so to suit everyone’s budget, preference and sensitivity level. Some bidets are quite expensive but if you browse further, you will eventually find a more cost-effective bidet Singapore that you can afford. A cheaper bidet does not mean a less-functioning one. It offers similar health and environmental benefits as the more expensive bidets.


Many recent bidet designs feature built-in air fresheners that filter the air and eliminate unpleasant smell. Other advanced features of bidets include carbon filters, safety components and evening lights. Bidets also come with different water pressures. They may have normal, increased or reduced pressures. But no matter the pressure, the most important thing is that the bidet Singapore provides more effective cleansing than toilet paper ever could.


There is also a hose-pipe type of bidet, typically called bidet shower, that is hung beside the toilet. After you’re done using the toilet, simply reach for that hose and clean yourself with a gush of clean water. Use water in washing for more effective hygiene maintenance.


Why You Should Opt out of Toilet Paper

When it comes to personal hygiene, toilet paper is not really the best choice. Simply wiping the dirt off any part of your body doesn’t remove the germs that may have resided on the surface of your skin. If you do not wash that dirty body part with clean water immediately, the germs and other microorganism can enter your body and cause several types of diseases.


If you use only bathroom tissue after using the toilet, there is a big possibility that your hands can acquire the fecal bacteria that are likely to spread if not cleansed properly. This insufficient cleaning practice is a known cause of food poisoning and other kinds of infection. But since bidet Singapore offers a hands-free approach to cleaning, it eliminates the likelihood of bacterial contamination.


Patients who suffer from urinary tract infection (UTI) often develop rashes around the private parts of their body. Since regular toilet paper contains various colors, scents and other pollutants, these rashes can further aggravate and result to a more serious condition. A bidet does not only prevent such cases of infection but it also aids in alleviating discomfort caused by constipation and cramps.



Poorly-maintained hygiene is not only a turn-off, it has many negative consequences on our health as well. As bidets offer a number of both health and environmental benefits, there is no reason why anyone should not use a bidet. Bidet Singapore takes our hygiene standards far higher than we could ever imagine. If everyone uses it, we will all feel more sanitized and our environment will likewise become healthier. So if you’re still using toilet paper in your home, it’s time to make the smartest move and say goodbye to it. Get a bidet instead to have a much better and more efficient bathroom experience.