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Home Design Tips You Can Use To Make Your Home Feel More Expensive (Demo)


Everyone wants to feel like they are rich, even if they do not have the money to actually pay for the rich lifestyle. If you want your home to feel more lavish and more opulent without the need to spend so much of your savings on it, there are tons of great house interior design tips that you can employ which will give your home the millionaire feel without having to spend like a millionaire on it.

  • Mirrors, mirrors, mirrors. Mirrors are very trendy and can not only make a room feel bigger and more airy, but it can also make them look trendy and glamorous. Regardless if the mirrors that you have are big or small, it is important that you have at least one mirror in each room of your home.

There are some mirror designs that can be more expensive than others, and since you are working on a budget to make your home feel luxurious, do not purchase those that cost more. Simple and plain edged mirrors will give your home the same opulent feel without bankrupting you in the process. A great house interior design you can do with your mirror is to stack mirrors on the wall to give your room a luxurious feel.

  • Buy statement rugs. Statement rugs are not necessarily rugs that have statements written on them. Instead, these are rugs that have cool and modern patterns which, if used wisely, will give your home a trendy look. Typically, statement rugs are costly, although there are patterns available in the market that do not really cost that much. You just have to look for the best prices on them, just like with any other piece of furniture.

When you are looking for a design to buy, make sure that it complements the design of the room where you are going to place it, and do not just buy the first thing that you see. You can place it square on to a sofa, or you can put it underneath a coffee table.

  • Invest in buying a velvet piece of furniture. Even if the velvet chair that you managed to purchase is second hand, even if it is already old, as long as you are able to clean it up and make it look pretty again, a piece of velvet furniture will certainly provide an expensive look to your home.

Typical house interior design for rich homes would go by choosing velvet chairs and sofas with bright colors such as blue, green, or pink, although the choice in color is definitely up to you. If you cannot buy a sofa, you can opt to buy just a single armchair.

  • Try out dark wood. Using dark wood does not cost more than any other type of material, and using it on some parts of your home, particularly the bathroom sink, will give your home a nice luxurious look. Even though today‚Äôs trends in house interior design focus on keeping things white and pristine looking, adding darker elements such as wood also do not fail in giving a modern look to your space.
  • Go crazy with paint. Paint is not really an expensive thing, and for the impact that it can make in a room, it certainly does not cost that much. Even though modern house interior design trends have moved towards white and its different shades, choosing bold colors such as royal blue and such can actually give your home just as much of a modern and trendy feel as what white can bring.

Regardless of the color that you are going for, make sure that the paint does its job of hiding unsightly markings on your walls such as chips, cracks, and smudges.

  • Add some flowers. Most fancy hotels and restaurants never fail to put flowers in their spaces, and for a very good reason. Flowers give not only a fresh and natural vibe to a room, but it also adds a touch of luxury to it. There are some flower types that typically do not cost that much, and you can extend their life by also purchasing plant food sachets. If you have a garden, cutting flowers and putting them in vases is also a good choice.
  • Floor length curtains. These curtains, as many know, are seen mostly in the homes of the rich and famous. It therefore makes sense to put them in your home to give that feel of both privacy and panache. Use a color that matches the color of the room where you will put it. Floor length curtains work well in bedrooms and in living areas as well.
  • Cluster cushions together. This is probably one of the oldest house interior design tips ever when it comes to making homes feel fancier. However, plumped up cushions that are placed together definitely do not fail when it comes to adding attitude and style without sacrificing a lot of money to make your home feel expensive and opulent. Even if your cushions are not exactly themed together, they will still look good for as long as they are clustered together, and you arrange them with confidence.
  • Display art works. Statement art is a great way to give your space a gallery feel, and it will definitely work to make your space feel expensive and trendy. Placing a large canvass on the wall behind your living room sofas will definitely make it eye catching. However, you do not have to look for a brilliant artist to get this done. Instead, try painting it yourself with the help of a friend, and completely unleash your creative side.

Now, these house interior design tips may give you guidance on making your house look modern and expensive, but the real deal breaker is you. If you do not feel like using some of the tips here, that is completely up to you. Another great tip for house interior design is by making it all about yourself, so aside from following these tips, also try to let your creativity out and explore other options.