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How To Boost The Resale Value Of Your HDB Flat

The resale value of your HDB flat might or might not go up. This depends on a lot of numerous factors, like the market itself. But, more often than not, the one prevailing factor when it comes to the resale value of HDB properties is not the market or economy itself, but the property owner.

As the owner, you have to put in the time and effort to make your home attractive to interested buyers so it can sell for a higher price. Below are things that you can do to boost the resale value of your HDB flat:


1. Make the room look and feel spacious

Less is usually more if you plan on selling your HDB flat. Potential buyers don’t want to go in and see all the clutter that you may have. They want to come into an empty home where they can imagine themselves living inside in the future. Also, if your HDB home is up for resale already, there should be very few distractions keeping potential buyers from focusing on the bones and structure of your house.

If your HDB home is up for viewing, try to remove as many personal items as possible. You can even keep it bare or even completely empty if you like. After all, space is and will always be one of the main driving factors when it comes to the selling price of any home.


2. Don’t be afraid to repaint

Repainting your HDB home is one of the most cost-effective ways to drive up the price and make it look from drab to fab.

A fresh coat of paint using neutral colours can make it easier for prospective buyers to come inside and imagine what it would feel like to move to your home. Avoid bold or dull colours for this very purpose. Lime green or yellow are only great if they’re used in conjunction with other spaces inside your home, and even then, it’s quite risky.


3. Invest in energy-efficient appliances

Energy-efficient appliances help you in two ways.

Firstly, they do not consume much electricity. This means that they eventually pay for themselves by virtue of cutting a significant portion off of your electricity bill.

Secondly, your home looks more appealing when it has modern and energy-efficient appliances. So, not only do you save costs on the maintenance of your home, but also help drive up its resale value.


4. Hire an interior decorator or designer

Whether it’s for home staging purposes, or if you want to redesign your home to make it sell better or higher, proper interior design in Singapore can help you achieve that—and more. An interior designer can give you the right advice for home designs that you can pitch along to potential buyers. Of course, their advice is chargeable, but it’s a good investment that you can consider.


5. Fix all minor (and if possible, major) problems and issues

The fewer issues there are with your home, the better. Even if it’s something as trivial as a loose doorknob, minor problems say a lot about how well you maintain your home, and the more issues your home has, the more reservations a prospective buyer will have.

If there are major problems and you can afford to fix them, be sure to do so. If not, focus on the minor issues first.