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How To Glam That Tiny Living Space

The size of your living space does not determine the limits of your interior design. Rather, it should be the reason for your extra motivation that will drive you to make a stunning yet cosy living space.

When it all comes down to it, you are the ultimate designer of your home and you have the final decision of changing the way it feels and looks but still make sure you make full use of the space. However, if you are facing any trouble, you can always seek advice from an experienced agency or company who is an expert at interior design in Singapore.

Don’t worry, they would love to help you in any way that they can as long as you give them a shout out.

To help you with your goal, we have put together a couple of tips you should follow to spruce up your tiny space with a breeze.


Paint Bright Colours On Your Walls

By using a bright colour, you are making the small space feel like there is a lot more room. It is highly recommended that you use white as it is the best colour for small living spaces because it is a neutral colour.

To spice it up you can even add decorative borders for a little extra touch. Also, don’t forget that the colours that you will be using for decorative purposes should flow well with the rest of the room.


Get Appropriate Furniture

This can be a huge deal breaker when you are arranging a small room. You don’t want to get an oversized sofa for a tiny living room or large desks for a small office. If you are furnishing an office, then keep it simple and clear.

You can ask for help from an office interior design company to help you with ideas. Buy desks and chairs that will fit in the space well but still allow free movement of the people inside.

Note that you shouldn’t have too many different kinds of furniture in such a scenario, it will only make the place seem cluttered and overcomplicated.


Make Sure You Have Enough Storage

The last thing that anyone would want is to have all your things cluttered everywhere in an already cramped space. When shopping for furniture for the tiny area look out for one that has storage as well so that there will be space to keep anything that may not be in use.

Once you have achieved a neat office or living area, you will be sure to see the stylish and glamorous feel that comes along with it.


Have Sufficient Lighting

A window in a small space is essential. This will enable the occupants of the small room to have fresh air and natural light. The bigger the window size, the better for space.

If you choose to drape the windows then going for light material will work well for the area. When hanging drapes in a small space the higher you attach them, the better for the room.

As such, it means that you need to get high materials that won’t suspend in the air. The light fixtures should be able to light the room well when it gets dark and the kind of lighting fixtures you get should stand out as well.


Mirror The Walls

Mirrors have a way of creating an illusion of more space in a room. You can use this to your advantage when glamming up a tiny space.

You can choose to have one, two or even three depending on the effect you want to create. While you’re picking your mirrors, you can go ahead and pick a different design as compared to the standard circular or squared mirror. Just make sure you keep your mirrors consistent as you wouldn’t want your room to appear too messy.

Having a tiny living space can be rather tough to work with, but with enough effort and creativity, you can be sure to come up with some unique ideas that will glam up your home.