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Ideas for a Bright, Breezy and Breathtaking Bedroom Design (Demo)


Deciding a bedroom design is essential in making the place more conducive for sleeping. Aside from resting, a bedroom serves as your private place at home where you can keep your personal items. When planning, always keep the following factors as top considerations – comfortable bed, flexible storage and relaxing atmosphere. For adults, these three factors are enough. However, the younger members of the household may have other needs in their private place. Teenagers, for example, may require a place for them to study, work on their projects and an accommodation for their visiting friends. Kids, on the other hand, may want a play area (if there is no separate room for such in the house).

For a tropical country like Singapore, there are other challenges in creating a comfortable bedroom for urban homeowners. These challenges include the lack of wide space and ventilation. However, there are various ways to make sure that the bedrooms stay true to their intended functions – provide a place conducive for relaxing and storing regardless of the size and climate in the place. The following are some ideas for a bright, breezy and breathtaking bedroom design.

Platform Bed

Wooden platform beds have earned a good reputation among urban homeowners. These are great alternatives for readily available bed frames. These beds are often custom-made for each bedroom. Though the customization entails more costs, having one provides several benefits.

One advantage of a platform bed is that you can ask your contractor to add storage space. It is light to the eyes as well. The paleness of the finishing can improve that lightness appeal. What makes platform beds more appealing is that they are reminiscent of countryside homes where beddings are simply laid on the wooden floor for sleeping.

Skinny Furniture

Bulky chairs (such as cushioned seats) and tables (such as antique study tables) are not good options when you are looking for space-efficient furniture. The answer here is the use of skinny furniture. One pair of skinny chair and table should suffice for your bedroom design. If you yearn for the comfort that cushions brings, you can simply buy throw pillows.

A wooden bench is also ideal. Look for minimalist designs. Aside from having a space to sit on, minimalist wooden benches tend to have storage spaces underneath. This is perfect for teens who may need to accommodate friends during group study sessions or when they just need to catch up.

Double-deck Beds with Storage

Due to limited space, the children may share bedrooms together. Large beds and bunk beds are a popular choices among homeowners who have children sharing bedrooms. However, these options can lessen the space for foot traffic.

Double-deck beds are the best bed types for shared bedroom design. However, to make the most out of a double-deck bed setup, look for customizable ones to add storage spaces. If you are going for customized double-deck beds, make sure that there is adequate lighting for the user of the lower bed. You can also hang curtains for each bed for a little bit of privacy.

High Cabinets

High cabinets are not just for kitchens. You can feature them in your bedroom design as well. You can place these cabinets above the bed, window or study table. In addition to clothes, these can also serve as storage area for bags, books and other school materials.

Unlike standalone cabinets or closets, high cabinets are usually custom-made. It is easier to find a carpenter who can make a high cabinet, which complements the other fixtures and furniture in your bedroom, as compared to finding a pre-made cabinet that can go well with the design of your bedroom.

Open Shelves

Open shelves are another space-efficient bedroom fixtures. These fixtures have an edge against high cabinets. Open shelves give you a place to display books, framed photos, photo albums, decors and collections. Children may choose to display their toys in open shelves.

These are perfect storage spaces as well. You can keep your devices, chargers headphones and phone banks in boxes and put the box in an open shelf. Another box may contain your accessories.

Open shelves are best attached like high cabinets. If they are situated at knee-level, you may accidentally bump into them.

Full Window

Obviously, a full window is probably the best way to improve ventilation in a small bedroom. It allows natural light to come in as well. Combine a light-colored curtain to your full window to improve its aesthetics further.

When you are planning your bedroom design, you can make the window and door as the bases for your placement of fixtures and furniture. Indicate the direction in which the door and window opens. Make sure that no object will interfere with the opening of such fixtures.

Odd Lamps

With a platform bed, a bedside table is no longer necessary. However, for your lighting needs, you can have a small bedside lamp affixed in your walls. Another option is to shop for non-conventional lamps.

When shopping for a lamp, go for an energy-efficient one. LED lights tend to be energy-efficient. Some models don’t heat easily as well. They also come in various colors that you can use to further accentuate the bedroom. To make it more fun, you can browse among different styles of lamp covers. There are even lamp covers that you can personalize.

Personalized Wall Stickers

A bedroom design will not be complete without any wall décor. You can opt for a one large portrait in one of your bedroom walls or hang small paintings. If you want to paste pictures in your wall, do not go for printed or developed photographs that used the typical photo paper. Instead, look for a customized wall sticker provider. Send them a copy of the pictures you intend to put in your wall. Pictures that are made into wall stickers often have lasting colors while the typical photographs may fade. Additionally, wall stickers are easier to paste in your wall.