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Ideas for a Modern Bedroom Design (Demo)



Modern design emerged during the 20th century as an effort to merge architectural design with the continuous technological advancement in the society. This interior design is usually characterized by clarity, simplicity and uncomplicated decorations, and neutral color shades to bring out that clean feeling. Since a cluttered room can aggravate anxiety and depression, this kind of design is especially helpful for those who want a relaxing and calming home. With this, a bedroom renovated to a simple, modern design is a good place to unwind after a stressful day.


For those who want a modern bedroom design, here are tips and guidelines you can follow for a stylish room.


Choosing the Bedroom Colors


Color scheme ideas for a modern bedroom design are endless, and the variety of palettes to choose from is a bit overpowering. However, the general rule is to choose neutral and subdued colors such as shades of white, charcoal, gray, and even cream, provided they are muted. White painted on walls can make the room feel sharp and cold. To create a balancing effect, shades of primary colors are also usually incorporated.


An accent wall with darker shades of blue, yellow and red can create a contrasting effect that will offset the coldness of white walls. For a calm and relaxing effect, you can use blue color tones. However, it is crucial to exercises caution when using too many colors because this will definitely make the bedroom look overwhelming. These accent walls can be placed behind the bed and decorated with ornate art pieces, such as paintings, to make a bit of a statement and emphasize the furniture in the room.


Modern Bedroom Furniture


Modern furniture for a modern bedroom design is the way to go, but first, it’s important to distinguish which furniture is modern. Those with luscious and smooth surfaces with typically straight lines and angles are furniture recommended to be placed in the bedroom. These furniture should be simple-looking and should not have superfluous designs. For a more minimalist, modern appeal, furniture should be less and include only those that are essential – a bed, an end table or nightstand, and a closet or drawers.


The bed is considered the focal point of the room. For this reason, it is better to avoid purchasing those with traditional and Victorian-like headboards. These are unnecessary details that will counterbalance the simplicity of the room. Headboards are welcomed, but they should be simple and straight. Usually, going for the minimalist bed frames is the safest option. For instance, majority of modern bedroom have platform beds or upholstered beds that look really sleek and polished. It is recommended to choose modern platform or upholstered beds that feature clean angles and lack of unnecessary design.


However, these beds can be really expensive, so another option is to go for beds with metal frame or box spring and with straight or no headboards. These are cheaper alternatives and easy to assemble. If the bedroom is a bit smaller, one can opt for a loft bed with minimalist characteristics and subdued colors.


The nightstand or end table should be really simple, basic and functional enough to put a lamp, an alarm clock, a phone and any other things that people typically put on it. Glass tables are usually great choices since they look much cleaner, but wooden ones can also be placed instead. Blend the color of these furniture items with the colors of the interiors.


The size of the drawer dressers or chests depends on the size of the room and the needs of the homeowner. There are many choices to choose from since the number of drawers (whether traditional six-drawer or tall five-drawer, etc.) in a dresser is really up to the homeowner. The important thing to take note of is that the dresser should never have superfluous details and should be made of basic straight lines. The dweller can also opt for a sleek walk-in closet if he can afford to build one. Walk-in closets are luxurious, but they are elegant and functional at the same time.


Decorations and Adornment


Ornamental décor and art pieces in a modern bedroom design are minimal but poignant. Generally, adornment especially in a minimalist approach to modern design is discouraged, but one or two ornate pieces won’t hurt, and it could offset the blandness possibly caused by the neutral colors of the room. These decorations should blend with the interiors, meaning you need to avoid cute and distracting trinkets.


As already mentioned, you can decorate accent walls with an art piece to create a bold statement. For instance, a large painting or canvas featuring a modern art above the bed can intensify the bed as the centerpiece of the room. If preferred, you can hang well-balanced small art pieces on the accent wall instead. Whatever the size is, it is always best to look for a modern art décor.


Plants are also great additions to the decoration, provided they don’t disrupt the color balance of the room. Potted plants can either be artificial or real. They are much of an issue. If properly placed inside the room, these plants can bring life to the bedroom. However, make sure that there are only one or two potted plants. The art pieces and décor are already pretty much distracting, so these plants should only amplify the liveliness of the room and should not overwhelm the room with adornment.


Lighting Fixtures


Lighting contributes a lot to the general aesthetic look of a modern bedroom design. The type of lighting fixture should carefully be taken into consideration since it greatly affects the overall appeal of the room. In general, the three main factors when deciding which lighting to purchase are those that go well with the interiors, those that provide decent but not overpowering lighting, and those that can blend well with the ornate accessories. For instance, lamps, whether the flow or table types, are almost always present in bedrooms, so a lamp, which can balance the decorations well and still brighten up the room is a good choice.


Overall, a modern bedroom design is suitable for those who want to maximize their space and prefer a clean and sleek appeal. Hopefully, the tips and guidelines mentioned above can help homeowners and apartment dwellers decide on the modern bedroom design they want for themselves.