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A guide to determining the ideal interior design scheme

When it comes to designing interiors for certain buildings and institutions, the theme does not fit the intended look of the building. For example, a restaurant, which serves Mexican cuisine has its interior designed with an industrial scheme, or a Mediterranean style house has a traditional English interior design scheme. This has happened many times and it has always garnered mixed impressions from visitors, clients and even designers.

Luckily, many designers and clients have learned from these many mistakes and have come up with several guides to determine the ideal design interior scheme for each building.

The first thing many clients and designers have to consider is the overall look of the building’s exterior. Ideally, the building’s exterior will give the designer an idea on how the interior will look like.  For example, if the building has full floor length windows, the ideal design interior scheme will be anything that covers the modern, industrial and minimalist look.

Here are some tips on how to determine the ideal design interior look based on the building’s exterior characteristics

Mediterranean Houses

The Mediterranean house design is based primarily on homes built in warmer climates and with a rich Spanish history. The distinguishing characters are red tiled roofs, stucco walls, the use of arches and intricate ornamental details. The ideal design interior schemes for these red tiled roof homes are the contemporary style, which complements the intricate ornamental details with the style’s softer, more streamlined pieces, the traditional style, which complements the use of warm colors and natural woods to the building’s overall look and modern contemporary, which complements the intricate details of the building with the modern take of contemporary items.

Wooden Houses

The wooden house has always been associated with the country and rustic look. If the wooden house has wrought iron for its window or accent piece, then all the more rustic. The ideal design interior style for the wooden houses are traditional, which complements the use of wood, and soft country prints, shabby chic, which softer and more feminine look is characterized by the use of pastels, woods and anything lace and soft, rustic, which makes use of classic hand carved furniture pieces and other antique elements and tropical, which makes use of indigenous furniture pieces coupled with associated tropical items.

Modern Houses

Modern houses are the current trend one sees in architecture magazines and books. It is also one of the architect’s favorite styles to create since its characteristics include floor length windows, solid walls and floating volume forms. There are many ideal design interior styles to use in the modern house. Minimalist style can be used, especially to complement the minimal designs used in the exterior. Another one would be the industrial style since it is one of the current trends.

While some of the house interiors can easily be alluded to the wishes of the client, certain interiors intended for commercial use have to coincide with an ideal style. As mentioned before, commercial interiors have to complement its supposed scheme and ambiance to attract more people.


Depending on the type of resort, the ideal style for the resort has to do with anything related to relaxation and vacation. Sometimes, resorts utilize tropical themes based on tropical countries like Hawaii, Thailand and Bali. The ideal interior design scheme for resorts also needs to include the use of natural and indigenous materials. If the resort is located by the sea, consider using Hawaiian and Coastal schemes. If the resort is a mountain resort, the use of natural schemes, such as woods and greens, fit perfectly since they blend well with the mountain’s surroundings and ambiance.  If the resort wants to bring out a summer look, consider using warm colors that can also double as relaxing colors, as well as Mediterranean inspired styles. The goal for resorts is to look as inviting and rejuvenating as possible.


The one thing people want in restaurants is to experience the most authentic dining experience, and this is achievable not only through food, but also through the service and dining environment. Many people eat at themed restaurants because they want to experience a specific culture through food and ambiance, so it is only natural to show the kind of cuisine being served in the restaurant’s interior. There are some restaurants that deal with fusion cuisine or a mix of two types of cuisine. As such, fusion restaurants tend to be mixed themes or even modern adaptations of the cuisines culture.

Aside from the theme, the furniture must also be as comfortable and inviting as much as possible. If the restaurant has al fresco or outdoor dining, consider using furniture associated with the theme to give an authentic experience. If the restaurant serves Asian cuisine, it is best to make use of Asian elements such as bamboo, textiles and symbolisms. If the cuisine is contemporary, the ideal theme would be contemporary elements. The overall idea is to make the restaurants interior as authentic as its cuisine.


The office design is generally modern, but sometimes, it is often mistaken as a public establishment.  The office’s overall goal is to get the workers to be as efficient as possible when working, thus, displaying uniformity as well as comfort when working. Sometimes, employers tend to incorporate playful elements to lighten the mood of workers. As much as possible, the office must be as modern and as minimal in terms of layout and style.

If the office has wide full length windows, take advantage of it by using each window as a section for each employee’s office station. In keeping with the minimal theme, integrated storage is needed to hold and contain all the necessary files.

Interiors fitted with the ideal design interior scheme stand the chance of making an even greater impact with both clients and the people who will view them. It will certainly dispel the myth of mismatching interiors and buildings, bringing out a more appealing look for the interiors.