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Important Roles of Good Lighting to Find Out Where to Buy Lights in Singapore

Interior designing is not all about giving your floors and walls stylish finishes and placing the right furnishings. While you can allocate a huge amount of money on these things, the interior of your home could still look ordinary if it does not have the right lighting essentials. As important as having the right lighting is also the answer to the question: Where to buy lights in Singapore? You should find the place where you could choose the best lighting for your home.


When you strategically match good lighting with your furniture, finishes, and upholstery, it could significantly improve the beauty of your home interior. Even if your apartment in Singapore is so simple, your guests would still be amazed when they see your home. The exterior of your apartment may look just the same as the other apartments, but the interior offers something much more. So, by just turning on the lights, you can surprise your friends and their jaws might just drop.


Now, before thinking about where to buy lights in Singapore, you should check out the reasons why lighting plays an important role in the interior design of your home.


Improves Finishes

With warm colors of oranges and yellows as your wall paint, it might still not display the ambiance that you want to achieve. Put some warm lights so that you can highlight these paint colors. Intensify the colors present in your home by installing good lighting. It could also calm the overall colors at the same time. The outcome really depends on two factors: the kind of light and how you put the light. For example, for a warm glow, use lampshades with orange tint, and then you could put them in the corners. Aside from that, you could also pick a bright fluorescent bulb and put it right in the middle of the ceiling. You could use this bulb whenever you need the room to be brighter.


Stylishly Illuminates the Room

Before deciding on where to buy lights in Singapore, you should know first how to brighten your place in style. Illuminating the room is the main goal of lights in the interior design of your place. However, you could add in some style in order to accomplish this goal and beautify the interiors at the same time. For instance, you can put in a chandelier in the foyer of your home. It provides bright lighting and at the same time, it looks the room look classy. On the other hand, while a plain LED bulb will make the area well-lit, it looks plain.


Creates an Illusion of Space

Good lighting creates an illusion that a small place, like tiny apartments or condominium units, is spacious. These types of homes only have limited natural light coming in to them, and this makes the small space even look smaller. After you find out where to buy lights in Singapore, make sure that you choose several lighting fixtures that would significantly illuminate the insider of your home to make it look wider and bigger.


Highlights Elements in the Room

An example of this is a wall that is designed with artistic paintings. Certainly, before coming up with that eye-catching space in your home, you spent money, time and effort to create it. However, you will not succeed if the room is fitted with a dull lighting. You could try hanging a light that has an adjustable neck and direct it to the wall. When people enter the room, they would intuitively follow where the light is going and see the works of art in that space.


Designing the Right Lighting

Now that you know the important function of good lighting in your house, it is also important to know how to design the right lighting because it is one of the factors to know where to buy lights in Singapore. As mentioned, lighting adds style to the interior design of your home. This way, to make your place look beautiful, you do not have to depend on accessories or other furnishings. Keep in mind that lighting also creates different moods to the different rooms in the house. Here are some of the tips on how you can make your home in Singapore look appealing to come home to and how you could make your guests enjoy their stay.


  • Balance sizes – you can follow what is stated above and put a chandelier in the foyer or in the main dining room. However, avoid putting in huge light fixtures in small rooms as this creates imbalance that may not look pleasing to the eye. Likewise, do not put in small light fixtures in huge rooms because it would also not look good.


  • Recessed lighting – even if you have not determined where to buy lights in Singapore, you can decide first on putting a recessed lighting, which is fixture that is found in modern homes. This would allow you to control the part of the room that you want to light up. Recessed lighting is not unobtrusive because they are fitted inside ceilings, walls, or floors. You have the option to mix different light colors as well and combine switching on a few lights to have the ambiance you want.


  • Cozy bedrooms – when you are in your bedroom, you want to be comfortable because it is the place to relax after a long day. Warm lights normally create an ambiance of a cozy bedroom and avoid having only one source of light. Try putting in a main bright light in the center of the bedroom if you have to do something that needs a bright light. Put in subtle lighting or lamps in corners to give enough light when you need to relax. To control the brightness of the room, you can also have a dimmer switch.


  • Install stylish lighting in the living room – it will serve you well if you use stylish lighting in your living room because that is where you mostly entertain your guests. This space would look great if you install chained lighting fixtures, hanging lighting elements, lamps, or vintage pieces.


These are the important things to consider to design the right lighting in your home and also to decide where to buy lights in Singapore.