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Interior designers in Singapore (Demo)


A competent team of interior designers Singapore can make designing your home easier. They can also help you conceptualize the design of your home in terms of cost.

Carpenters Design Group can help make your dream home come true.

You can find competent, artistic and hard-working interior designers Singapore at

Carpenters design group are committed to provide 100% customer satisfaction through innovative trendsetting ideas, premium quality standards, efficient customer service, and after sales support while nurturing dedicated workforce.

They have a group of talented interior designers Singapore located at Oxley Bizhub 2. Let us meet the East designers of Carpenters Design Group.

  1. Lawrence Ho

Lawrence is a creative director and the elder brother of the Carpenters. He is a graduate of Business Management Studies. His experiences, passion and dedication with work have earned positive feedbacks from his clients. He is a valued asset of the company and friend to his co-employees.

  1. Zoey Tan

The managing designer of the team who believes that success can be achieved by anyone with extraordinary determination. She is an interior designer who is an expert in modern contemporary, minimalism and Scandinavian. She likes neutral and cool monochromatic colors which show in the outcome of her projects.

  1. Bing Wong

He is the chief creative consultant of the company. He is an expert on minimalism, modern contemporary, and a dark pallet of natural textures.

Creative consultants

  1. Kris Neo

Her exemplary works of practical designs which are elegant and at the same time functional are mostly featured. Kris uses bold lines and always matches contrasting colors with space. Planning ideas is what she is.

  1. Shinny Hoe

A highly focused lass who is friendly and has the ability to organized her work and managed her time well. Shinny designs well with modern contemporary using diverse color pallet.

  1. Judi Lee

She is a bubbly interior designer who designs residential and commercial space. Judi is like a fairy who makes dream homes come true.

  1. Rex Zhang

Rex’s expertise is modern luxury blended with royal pallet colors and natural textures.

  1. Xavier Goh

He is a valued young member of the team which specializes in modern contemporary. So far, clients are satisfied with his works.

  1. Celest Ng

She designs in a creative and innovative way. Celest often use materials with various colors and textures. She always achieves cozy vibe in her work.

  1. Jimmy Li

He is a creative designer. Although he is a new member of the group, he has completed tasks with excellent feedback.

Now, let us meet the interior designers Singapore from the West located at Tradehub 21.

  1. Isaac Choo

He is the creative director of west group. He is a man of simple but modern home design. Isaac specializes in minimalist and Scandinavian designs in a neutral to earth tones with natural textures.

  1. Eugene She

The chief creative consultant of the team has a keen sense of designing in a minimalist way. She always delivers a task on time with quality service.

Creative consultants

  1. Alloyious Koh

He is an approachable consultant which intelligently suggests client’s needs. His designs are mostly modern contemporary which are elegant and cozy. Alloyious does not see minimal cost as a hindrance to having an expensive outcome.

  1. Francisco Thng

A sketch artist of the company, who draws concepts on paper. His expertise is minimalism and Scandinavian in neutral to dark tones.

Creative designers

  1. Kaze Tan

With his style in modern contemporary designing with functionality, Kaze may be new but he helps his younger peers by sharing his knowledge.

  1. Joel Ow

Joel works well with modern contemporary with cool to neutral pallet. He is dedicated and always willing to take risks.

  1. Avia Yee

She maybe the youngest and inexperienced member of the team but she is the most enthusiastic of them all. Avia designs well with modern contemporary designs in soft pastel pallet and natural textures.

  1. Loo Yee Kuan

She had earned liking on her modern contemporary designing even with a short time at Carpenters. Truly a valuable asset.

Other creative designers are Evangeline Tan, Jess Loo, and Noven Lim.

Things to watch out for when renovating your home

Aside from having a dynamic team of interior designers Singapore, there are a lot of things that you must know when renovating your home.

Quality of Materials

The simplest economy concept; better materials are more expensive. If your renovation cost is unbelievably cheap, it is possible the materials are cheaper too. Examine the materials to be use. These cheap materials can be deceiving. They may look like superior quality on the outside but not on the inside. It may look good now but will it stay long? Will it endure time? You may be paying less now but you will be paying more for repairs and maintenance.

Identical home design

Cheaper renovation packages with the same materials and design concept makes designing identical to others who availed the package. It limits the design concept and flexibility to personalize your home. Cheap packages from interior designers Singapore tend to include lesser alternatives.

Not included services

The packages which you signed up for can be deceiving. Once you signed the paper you will realize that during renovation there are missing services. Such as lights, plumbing, window grills and electricity installation.

A design which suits your home

The renovation size included in your package may not fit your house, it may be too big or worst too small. For example, a kitchen cabinet which is included in the package is too small for your kitchen. What you will do is to top up in order to accommodate your kitchen.

Now if your kitchen is small for the size of the renovation, you will think it would be okay. They just have to resize the cabinets but no. It’s not good after all because you are wasting materials which you have paid for.

Keep in mind that every home is unique and every homeowner has a design preference. It is your choice whether to get a renovation package to instantly work on your space or hire a good team of interior designers Singapore where you can choose your own design and incorporate your style.

Remember your home is your own personal space, a reflection of your own style. Would you want to leave it at the hands of renovation package or hire the Carpenters Design Group? It’s up to you.