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Looking for the perfect Renovation Contractors in Singapore (Demo)


If you are in Singapore and are thinking of making renovations to your home or office there are quite a number of freelance interior designers, design firms, or renovation contractors that you can get in touch with. Singapore has been on a building frenzy for years and it is no surprise that Singaporean renovation contractors are some of the busiest and most experienced design professionals in the country.

At the onset, finding a renovation contractor in Singapore can be a daunting task. There are just so many to choose from and all of them qualified to take on the work. Do not be intimidated though because if you keep at it, in time, you will find the perfect renovation contractor with the exact qualifications to deliver your design requirements.

But before you do that, and to make the search a much easier task to take on, decide on two important things first – the exact renovation design idea & the budget. Then look for a renovation contractor. You will find that it is a much easier task that way. Narrowing down a renovation contractor in Singapore that can take on the job is easy when you know what you want and how much you are willing to pay for the renovation project.

You may be asking, ‘is it necessary to take on the services of an interior designer when renovating my home or office space?’

Depending on how much renovation work you intend to do, an interior designer working alongside the renovation contractor team would be wise. If the renovation requirement is minor most renovation contractors will be able to do the work without the design guidance of an interior designer. But if it will be a complete overhaul of the condo, house or office, then an interior designer is a must. That is if you want to make sure the renovation or remodeling project is delivered according to expectations.   

To give you an idea on what options are out there, below is a list of ways you can connect with the perfect renovation contractor in Singapore.

  1. Home & Decor Renovation

Home renovation and redecorating is one of the most popular projects taken on by renovation contractors based in Singapore. Most will have style-driven, interactive websites that you can visit. In the website are listed furnishing enthusiasts and renovation professionals you can get in touch with. They also include design portfolios for you to choose from plus handy design articles that are very informative.


  1. Trendy Home Renovation

If your design idea is veering more towards trendy and popular designs then visit the website of trendsetting renovation contractors in Singapore. There will be quite a few that will give you many design inspiration plus product listings, events, promotions, new product launches and most important of all design portfolios. Most of these renovation contractor websites are a one-stop-shop providing you with everything you require to plan for your home or office renovation.

  1. Traditional Renovation Design

Some of the renovation contractors based in Singapore have a wealth of design ideas. Looking for the perfect traditional interior designs for your remodeling project? Consulting with a renovation contractor that’s been in business for longer than 20 to 30 years is a good place to start. They often have hundreds of thousands of makeover design photos for you to sift through. These are materials that will allow you to decide on the direction of your renovation project. Some of the information you can get from consulting with a renovation contractor are home owner’s reviews, recommendation on home size, duration of the project based on renovation requirements, renovation cost etc.

  1. HDB Renovation

If you are in a Housing Development Board managed condo, house or office. Be informed that these real estate properties are under the design supervision of the HDB. This means you will have to work with an HDB approved renovation contractor doing business in Singapore with the license to renovate, remodel or build HDB homes and offices. You will find that finding HDB certified renovation contractors is quite easy and they will also have websites for you to visit for a more informed choice on which renovation contractor in Singapore you would like to work with. Some of the more popular HDB renovation designs to choose from are minimalist, contemporary, industrial, Scandinavian, etc.

  1. Home Savvy Renovation Design

If budget is a primary consideration for your renovation design project, then get in touch with home savvy renovation contractors. First of all, these renovation contractors will be more than happy to give you free quotes with no commitments required. It will give you an idea on the total budget cost for your renovation requirements without denting your wallet. If you do take on the services of the home savvy renovation contractor expect the following – hefty savings on the renovation, efficient and convenient service, qualified options for choice of design, plus décor and furniture consultation. Most home savvy renovation contractors in Singapore live up to their reputation for, great design work, excellent service while keeping within a tight budget.


  1. Social Media Driven Renovation Ideas

You will be happy to know that there are a hand full of design portals and social media channels that bring together in one platform interior designers, homeowners, renovation contractors, furniture & home décor merchants, and design enthusiasts. They are great places on the net to find the perfect renovation contractor for all your renovation and remodeling needs. Plus these social media design channels provide a wealth of renovation design ideas, reviews, and photos that are great research material for you to jump start your renovation project. Not to mention you can interact with the renovation contractors and interior designers directly while in the platform.

There are a wide range of renovation design ideas, interior design websites, and social media portals for renovation contractors in Singapore. It is a matter of looking for the perfect one that suits your design and budget needs.