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Renovate to Innovate (Demo)


Change is a constant factor in our lives especially with the aspect of renovation. Something that is lacklustre, old, broken or boring must be renewed so that it can serve its purpose even better. It is a vital step that allows homeowners to improve their living environment. The choices that we make for renovating our homes is a crucial matter not only for homeowners but also for the people who make it possible such as the designers, architects, and carpenters. This comes to play with the renovation Singapore industry because change is a visible mark of the country.

Renovation Singapore programs help us make that critical choice wherein they shed light on what renovation is all about. Renovation is a term used for remodelling and redesigning, in this case, it involves the remodelling of structures that are worn down, outdated or simply structures that do not cater to the taste of the homeowner. This is observable in the housing programs in the country because several outdated buildings exist requiring renovation.

The real estate industry is a big part of this since the buying of already furbished structures is a common option for homeowners. When one acquires an already existing home, several structures of it may already be worn by time and wear, and thus, renovation is key not only to renew the old structure but also to allow the new owner to make it his or her own.

Renovation involves several processes and aspects:

  • First is the cost for the process. Renovation Singapore costs can range from hundreds to thousands of dollars depending on the scope of the renovation. It is best to keep in mind that the space and its size greatly affects the cost for the renovation since the materials needed to renovate a small space is lesser compared to that of a larger one.


An option to alleviate spending large amounts of money is through partial renovation. This process involves a gradual repairing and redesigning of space and takes longer than a complete renovation process.

  • The next aspect for renovation is the design. One cannot change up a space without having a design in mind first, thus having a clear foresight for the end outcome is necessary in order to start the renovation process.

There are several ways in order to come up with a design idea for a given space especially for renovation Singapore homeowners.

  • First, one should consider the space he or she has to work with.

– If the space is already refurbished and it only needs a few touch ups then this would greatly ease up the designing process. Broken down spaces on the other hand require more time when it comes to designing because it needs to be reconstructed first for it to become functional.

  • Consider what would be the room type.

– One should consider the design for a room based on its purpose whether it is a bedroom or kitchen etc. Once that is done, you can now come up with a design type. Designs types such as conservative, modern, retro and rustic can be used to dress up a given space.

  1. A conservative type of design often requires furniture that is simple and involves colors that are plain. The good thing to this design is it allows for space maximization and it’s pleasing for the eye since unnecessary junk and chaos is avoided.

On the other hand, its downside is the design can lead to a mediocre outcome and it may become boring on the long run.

  1. A modern design explores the possibilities of modern technology and aesthetics and utilizes designs that cater to a more metropolitan feel. Geometric shapes for windows and panels as well as furniture with modern pop of colors, such as metallic colors like silver and gold, give a room an edgy modern style.

On the upside, modern designs are full proof in the sense that they embrace the modernity of Singapore and the modern lifestyle of homeowners. Its downside would be that a room loses its traditional aspect and charm.

  1. The opposite of the modern style is the retro style which utilizes designs that cater usually to the 70s or 80s era. This design type uses furniture that are colourful, hip, and retro.
  2. Rustic designs for homes give a cozy feel because it provides a natural vibe that caters to the more traditional roots of home renovation. The play of culture with rustic furniture works well with this design type.

On the other hand, a rustic design can leave a room to look old and unfurnished but the charm of a rustic design is what makes homeowners opt for it.

Nonetheless, homeowners can usually opt to mix and match these design types to bring about a renovation idea that is unique and fresh catering to the homeowner’s own aesthetic. Renovation Singapore allows homeowners to choose from these design types and make it their own.

In the end, it is best to keep in mind that renovation Singapore is a growing industry in interior designing and thus having the knowledge about it first hand is best for homeowners to acquire their renovation needs. The renovation Singapore industry not only cater to home born Singaporeans but also paves the way for foreigners who want to live in the country and want a home with the necessary renovations to cater to their own culture and lifestyles.

Thus, this is a way to innovate the interior designing industry in Singapore because through renovation, one can make choices that could lead to great changes. These changes would inspire designers to come up with better designs, motivate renovators to produce quality homes and materials, and surprise homeowners when it comes to the possibilities their ideas can offer. Therefore, we should be more open to change because a simple thing as changing up a room in a house can lead to something that can bring more functionality in a home and a satisfied homeowners at that.