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Revamping your HDB Living Room (Demo)


Singapore – a large, prosperous and vibrant Asian city that is taking the world by storm with its towering skyscrapers, bright lights and state of the art technology. The country, although often named as South East Asia’s smallest nation, has stepped its game up regardless of its size. Its improvement over the past fifty years has made it into a tourist attraction, an island paradise and a leading financial hub all rolled into one. It is certainly no surprise that thousands of people from all around the world wish to try relocating to Singapore to seek better opportunities for themselves and their families.

It is pretty easy to imagine living a life in Singapore with its easy and cheap public transportation and the high quality products and services the metro has to offer, but is living life in the Lion City all rainbows and unicorns? From a realistic standpoint, every country and city does have its own pros and cons, Singapore included.

Although the Lion City may present a lot of beneficial opportunities and an overall luxurious look, all that potential certainly comes at a price. In fact, Singapore has even been a constant in the world’s top 10 most expensive cities annual ranks. In comparison to most Asian cities, Singapore does pose a greater cost of living despite the many pros living in the city has.

Adjusting to life in the Lion City can certainly be a much easier experience when you are all settled in a decent job and have a comfortable place to go home to. A lot of Singapore’s housing and neighborhood structures come in high-rise condo and apartment forms and although the city offers a sense of diversity when it comes to rent prices, most available and affordable structures are limited to the two mentioned.

Various factors, like location, features and square footage, determine the price of a condo or apartment in Singapore. Prices usually drastically increase the nearer you are to the city proper. Purchasing your own property won’t be that easy either since Singapore has numerous rules and regulations that often result to families renting spaces rather than buying their own. Backyards are also considered as rarities in the city, but the local parks and green spaces around the island more or less make up for the lack of lawns in apartments and condos. Most condos and apartments even offer various amenities, such as indoor pools, gyms and playgrounds, thereby keeping their occupants busy without going outside the building.

Not all housing and neighborhood structures around Singapore are extremely expensive. One great thing about Singapore housing is that it offers a lot of options for both expats and locals. You can have the option to purchase your own lot or renting a government owned flat or a privately owned condo unit. Most affordable housing structures around Singapore are government owned, making it easier for people to find a decent place to live in sans the extremely expensive rates.

Government owned flats, also known as HDB or Housing and Development Board flats, are managed by Singapore’s Housing and Development Board. Since most of Singapore’s residential housing developments are now government owned, an estimated 80% of its population now occupy HDB flats and structures.

These flats that normally range from thirty-six to one hundred thirty square meters may be of one to five bedrooms and may also consist of one to three baths. Living in an HDB flat makes life for many a whole lot easier. You don’t have to spend a lot on accommodations and other fancy stuff plus you get to experience the real Singaporean lifestyle.

HDB flats may come in various styles, but as a house reflects its owner’s personality, a flat’s appearance is completely dependent on his decorative preferences. The way a flat is decorated not only says a lot about its owner, but it also gives its visitors a lasting impression on the place itself.

Whenever you enter a person’s house or flat, your eyes initially dart off to their living room. It is a place where the family gathers and welcome your guests in. Some even say it is one of the most important rooms in your house. With this in hand, the pressure is real when it comes to decorating your own living room.

HDB living room design can pose as a real challenge to most HDB flat owners. Matching your living room to the rest of your house and fitting all your ideas into a central theme is certainly enough to leave you with a huge question mark over your head. Taking responsibility over your HDB living room design can leave you with two main options – dealing with things yourself or having someone do your HDB living room design work for you. You can go whichever way you want. It is all a matter of preference.

HDB living room design is a perfect opportunity to turn your average HDB flat into something unexpected. When done the right way, you won’t even believe they are not high-end units. Imagine coming home to a comfortable and well-designed space after a long day of work, wouldn’t that be something worth looking forward to? One great thing about HDB living room design is that your living room can indeed become your own blank canvas. You can choose whatever you want to put in it and design it whichever way you want.

HDB living room design won’t be much of a challenge if you prepare things in advance. Call your favorite interior designer to make things easier or do it yourself if you are into DIYs. Just because you are living in a government owned flat does not make your HDB living room design experience less meaningful. Working on something yourself and reaping your rewards later on can be a priceless experience for any home owner.

If ever you are in the mood to revamp your good old living room, do not hesitate to do so. Thinking about the job is one thing, but actually doing the job yourself is a whole different level.