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Sustainable Design: A Signature of Singaporean Office Interior Design (Demo)





Singapore office interior design is rooted in the country’s drive for sustainable living. Singapore is known for its ‘green campaign’ to make the country a mecca of sustainability in Southeast Asia. This philosophy is reflected in all areas of life in Singapore. It should be no surprise therefore to know that the office interior design of almost all of the country’s corporate offices is geared towards a healthy and sustainable lifestyle.

Many of Singapore’s design firms service both the commercial and corporate sectors and all offer sustainable design, while also having an eye for modern, efficient and state of the art design touches — that is the signature of Singapore, as the only developed country in the region.

Singapore’s office interior design firms are defined by the people that run the business. They are innovative, forward thinking, risk takers that challenge themselves to do better in every project. Competition is encouraged and is part of the DNA of the Singaporean. It is a trait that can only be an advantage to clients of Singaporean office interior design firms.

Count on local designers to read your requirements to a tee and translating client’s design expectations into reality perfectly. They will insist on establishing a very close relationship with every client, openly communicating every stage of the design process. Singapore designers understand that their work at its core is to translate the office interior design dreams of client in the best possible way. And the best way to achieve this is to have open communication lines with client at every step of the design process.  The goal of every office interior design firm is make every office remodeling and renovation project as convenient, smooth and stress-free as possible.


There are a host of Singapore office interior design firms to choose from that offer sustainable design. If the health of the people that will inhabit your corporate office is important to you then going ‘green’ is a good option. If your carbon footprint as a business or corporation is a consideration for the remodeling or renovation of the office then ask the design firm to draw up an office interior design that will allow your company to keep your carbon footprint at a minimum. And they will do so without compromising the functionality, quality and aesthetics value of your new office.

They use a wide array of artificial and natural light sources that can be adjusted to the liking of the people that use the space. They can also incorporate office temperature adjusting devices that automatically balance the air conditioning level of the office so that it is always at a productivity enhancing level. They all have a professional understanding of proper lighting, efficient power sources, accurate ventilation as well as the importance of privacy, factors that influence the health and productivity of the people in the office space.

And in keeping with the ‘green design’ approach, most Singapore office interior design firms will be able to supply furniture that is sustainable & durable. Expect the sustainable approach to design to reflect also in their construction process. All Singapore office interior design firms are as eco-conscious as their client and would have created re-novation & remodeling processes that leave as little carbon footprint as possible. You can breathe a sigh of relief at the surety that while your office interior design is being remodeled it is being done so with as little impact to the environment as possible.

The Philosophy

Singapore office design firms believe that an office is not just a space where people do business. For them every office is a place where people get to be their creative best. As such the space determines the level of productivity of every person that works in it. It is a philosophy of Singapore office interior design firms to create office space that are geared towards productivity.

The look of an office defines the identity of the business as a brand. It can be a source of pride for its stakeholders and unifies the people who work in the same space. Every office interior design should make the people who will inhabit the space feel good about working there every day, and should enhance their emotional and physical well-being.

Longevity is also a design philosophy of many Singapore based design firms. With an eye for the long term future of the company, all designs are created with some flexibility. They understand that in the future it may be necessary for the company to expand, making the use of furniture that is easy and quick to reorganize necessary.


Starting the Build

Like most interior design firms, count on Singaporean designers to be business savvy enough to get your approval on the designs first before starting the build. It is the only way to ensure that budgets are maximized and every penny goes to design elements that are essential. Building only when client has approved the designs is very efficient use of time and resources. And it results in work that is unique to the personality of the company’s brand.


Not all about Beauty

When remodeling or renovating office interior space, many clients are surprised to know that it is more than just skin deep. Giving an office a new and more spruced up look is not mere aesthetics. In fact, it is more a question of functionality than beauty. If you want office space designed to increase productivity and inspire creativity in the people who work there, then it must be designed to function as a productive space that inspires creativity. Most businesses will always put a premium on function before form allowing them to make the most out of their investment in remodeling or renovating their office space.


Work with Design Experts

Thinking of renovating your office space and giving it a more sustainable design? Work with a Singaporean office interior design firm. They are sure to have the ‘green design’ expertise to deliver on your expectations for an eco-friendly office while giving your new office space a touch of class.