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The Basics of Home Interior Design (Demo)



For those who have just moved in to a new house, perhaps the main concern would be how to fill up the spaces in its interiors. To some, this may be simple – just make sure what you need is on the right rooms. But if one are to live in that house for a long time, one will have to pay more attention to his home interior design, for the following reasons:


  • To make the space more livable. The home is where we come from before we go to work and also where we go to after work, to rest, sleep, and eat. On days when we don’t have work or scheduled hang outs with friends, most likely we would just be spending our hours holed up inside our homes. Thus, it is only rational that our home interiors are not just resplendent of the things we need but also of the things we enjoy being with and the things that make us feel better about ourselves.
  • To make each space more efficient. Each of us has our own unique way of doing things. For example, one homeowner may like his books in a strategic location inside his bedroom so he can grab them easily whenever he wants to read. But another homeowner might prefer to have his books on shelves in the living room, along with the magazines, for his guests to enjoy. Also on the kitchen, one homeowner might want his utensils in full view so he could get them easily. But another may prefer clean countertops and all the items hidden in cupboards and drawers. Either way, we can say that’s the importance of a well thought out home interior design – one that makes all his living spaces work for him.
  • To make the home resplendent of whom the owner is as a person. Whatever a person owns should mirror who he is as an individual, right? For instance, if she wants the color pink, would it be just logical to pop in pink details in her home? Or, if he is a fan of Supercar Motorsports, naturally we might see the walls in his house teeming with stickers of exotic looking cars and race track images.


To sum it all up, home interior design is important because it is a vital part in what a home should be – a place to dwell in.


How to Make Sure Home Interior Design Works

A good way to ensure that one’s home interior design is working as it should is to focus on room by room. Here, we list some basic concepts on what each room in the house should be based on what we have gleaned from clients in the past:

  • The living room – for a lot of people, this serves as the receiving area, not just for the guests but also for those who live in the house. Thus said, it is logical that this space should have something to sit on to, more often a sofa and some chairs. Most also have at least one table, often the low types such as a coffee table, for guests to prop their belongings on to or, on days when the homeowner is feeling extra hospitable, some light drinks and snacks. Some also have the television in their living room. Others would also squeeze in some work space into their living rooms. This is the reason why the living room is the biggest room in households most of the time.


  • The bedroom – from the living room, those living in a house would almost always go straight to their bedrooms. The bedroom is extra special because it is typically a person’s most intimate space inside the house. So we could say that if a home interior design reflects his personality, his bedroom design should sort of speak double of it. As the name suggests, of course a bedroom should have a bed. It should also have closets and drawers containing, normally, clothes and other apparel. Those are just the basics. Other things that should go into the bedroom would be the call of the owner.



  • The dining room and kitchen – for some homeowners, these areas serve as the heart of the home, mainly because many homeowners simply have that insatiable penchant for food. The kitchen houses food preparation, whereas the dining room is where the food is served. For bachelor pads, rentals, and other small residential units, a simple one wall or L-shaped kitchen would do, so long as all the basic components are there, i.e., the stove counter, the sink, appliances such as the refrigerator, and utensil cabinets and / or drawers. For those who love cooking, U-shaped kitchens would be their best bet, as it distributes work spaces around the room for more flexibility. Thus said, designing interiors for a kitchen space should put into play a.) Function, then b.) Aesthetics.


On the other hand, the reverse would be the deal in designing dining room interiors. Basically, what the homeowner should consider in the dining room is that they get to enjoyably consume what they have prepared. One way to achieve this is through design concepts. How about a dining room designed as if it were by the seaside? Or one that looks like a hip bar from the 70s?


  • The toilet / restroom – An underestimated yet very important aspect of home interior design. That’s because it is said that how a person fares in life is shown most vividly in how neat and orderly his bathroom is. Thus, the main consideration in designing toilet interiors should be how to keep the place spic and span.


Colors play a big part. Keep in mind that fresh isn’t always equal to white. One could choose pastels, or mix and match white with other colors (yes, even with bright ones!). How about brick red walls, silver or gold fixtures, and beige ceramic fixtures and ornaments? And then, buy towels that match. One could also buy uniformly colored bottles and containers to house soaps, shampoos, and other hygiene items, and thus be part of the whole interior design.