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The Most Popular Home Decoration Ideas (Demo)

Picture this! There is this beautiful living room setup made of a modern L-shaped sofa, two armchairs, side tables and a coffee table. By all accounts, that’s the perfect set up. But for some, it looks completely bland. It is lacking something to bring it to life.


This is where home decoration comes into play. Home decoration isn’t limited to just the furniture pieces, but also to the accessories and how well they complement one another. There are many ways to decorate a home. And it’s not just for everyday living. It can also be for seasonal design such as Christmas, Fourth of July or even occasional parties.


Many interior solutions shops and boutiques offer a wide range of accessories such as curtains, vases, candles and holiday curios. Now come the questions. What are the most popular home decoration ideas that can transform your home to a chic haven without breaking the bank?


Let’s start with the most common ideas, followed by the most intriguing ideas.


Pillows are the most common and available home decor accessories in the market. They come in all shapes and sizes, each serving specific area functions. For bedrooms, pillows cushion the head, adding comfort to the user as they sleep. For living rooms and other socializing rooms, they add more comfort to where they sit.


Interior designers suggest buying pillows during red tag and end of the month sales since most shops sell them at discounted prices. More so, they suggest investing in neutral coloured pillowcases for daily styling and themed cases for various occasions.


A very subtle, but artistic way of adding spice to one’s interior is by employing frames and paintings. These are staple home decoration pieces that have been around even before the notion of interior design. While many would use frames of varying designs and content, others prefer using paintings of different art styles and periods. Employing a single framed painting will add a minimalist approach to a bland interior. For a more contemporary layout, consider hanging the frames and paintings in a manner reminiscent of a personal art gallery.


Flea markets and small boutiques are the best places to find varying and unique frames and paintings. Another way of having unique frames and paintings is by making your own. Many designers employ the service of local artists to make minimal artworks and the like. And the frames don’t necessarily have to be photos. They can even be message boards or even storage pieces.


These varying statuettes of porcelain or ceramic are home decoration items synonymous with period style designs. Most of these figurines are often times, souvenirs and gifts acquired during travels. The most common styles that use figurines are classical styles and contemporary styles. Although, in recent times, figurines have been employed in more modern designs.


Interior designers suggest sticking to a universal theme when choosing figurines. If the interior’s theme is a French classic, opt for figurines depicting rococo and neoclassical icons such as Marie Antoinette and painted porcelain. Thrift stores and curio shops are the best places to look for uncanny figurines at a friendly price.


This home decoration staple is considered both natural and stylish. Flower arrangements can brighten the interior just by its style and flower colors. Many interior designers decorate the interiors with stylish floral arrangements in order to introduce natural elements in the interiors. There are many arrangements such as circle arrangements, ikebana arrangements and even artistic curves.


The farmer’s market and the local flower shop are the best places to buy flowers. Consider the months when buying since some flowers are seasonal and are available on particular months. Another option is to buy synthetic flowers and have it arranged in an easily adaptable style. Many interior solution shops offer floral arrangement services when purchasing the synthetic flowers.


This inexpensive home decoration piece is often employed in intimate areas such as the living room, hallways and bedrooms. The idea of having a candle is associated with life and emotion. Candles are often used to enhance the ambience of the room. A variant of the candles is scented candles. These are candles that have specific scents infused during its inception.


Candles can be found in boutiques and lifestyle curio shops.


This is a broad category since there are many holidays that are being celebrated and observed. Here are several holiday-themed decoration ideas that can enhance the interior during special occasions.


Easter is a holiday associated with new beginnings and new ideas. The most common motifs in Easter are colourful Easter eggs, chocolate, rabbits and chicks. Designers often employ colourful pastel pillows and egg figurines in the design. An eye-catching option would be having baskets of eggs as centrepieces in dining and living rooms.


Christmas is another holiday that uses decorations excessively in the spirit of the season. Common icons associated with Christmas are snow, gifts, baubles, trees, reindeers, Santa Claus, presents and the colours, red and green. Many interior shops offer Christmas themed decorations such as fringes, lights, linen, dining sets and Christmas tree ornaments. Another unique Christmas décor would be porcelain Christmas village figurines. These figurines depict Victorian-era Christmas sceneries such as toy shops, frozen lakes and even Christmas trains. Collectors often make elaborate Christmas villages using various figurines. Often times, they grow each year, with a new figurine added to the collection.


Valentine’s Day is often associated with couples creating elaborate decorations to show their significant other how much they mean to one another. This is especially true in restaurants and homes. Valentine’s Day decorations include the use of the colours red, white and pink; heart motifs, roses, and classical elements. Most of the decorations are prominent in the dining and bedroom areas. Dining rooms are often decorated with roses and red and white linen with candles. Whereas the bedrooms are decorated with white and red pillows, rose arrangements and soft pieces such as lace sheets and scented candles.

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