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The Road To Designerdom: What it takes to be a top Singapore interior designer (Demo)



Here is the common scenario one would encounter. A very respectable client decides to hire the country’s top interior designer to design the next game changing interiors. The only problem?  There are so many Singapore interior designers that qualify for the task. There are even upstart designers who can do a better job than the established ones.

Being an interior designer is not just a fancy lifestyle career. In fact, the most common perception of interior designers is that they live a fast pace, wealthy lifestyle. In a way that is partially true. Singapore interior designers do live a fast pace and wealthy lifestyle. But that is purely for the sake of understanding prospective client tastes. In fact, many of the designers started out where many people are. Many of them have experienced working at the bottom.

So here is the question. What does it take for a person to become a top Singapore interior designer?

Let’s review a few facts before delving further into this analysis. Singapore design is synonymous with innovation and modernity. In fact, many of its high rise buildings have elements of brutalism, cubism, and even industrialism. With those iconic modern styles, this leaves the interior an open canvass for innovative design.

When one says innovative design, it doesn’t necessarily mean an all-new layout. It is basically the designer’s idea of incorporating time tested ideas to make a unique output. And most of these time tested ideas come from the interior designer’s years of experience with other noteworthy clients.

With that in mind, let’s now elaborate what it takes to become a sought after Singapore interior designer.


Work your way up from the bottom

Yes. Start at the bottom. And although this may be the most common way to a great career, it has never failed to produce good results. Many aspiring designers start out in the most unconventional jobs such as a draftsman, a furniture salesperson and even a senior interior designer’s apprentice. Sometimes, they start out in jobs that aren’t even interior design related. The goal in this level is for Singapore interior designers to develop specific work habits that will eventually help them in their careers such as punctuality, communication and even willingness to learn new methods. The latter being very important since interior design is a constantly evolving style.


Make mistakes

This is the most common occurrence people will experience when they start out. As Aunt Billie, from the Disney film ‘Meet the Robinsons’, quoted “From failure you learn. From success, not so much” This is true, especially for starting designers. More often than not, many young designers will make mistakes. These could be minor mistakes such as the wrong piece of furniture or accessory. Or major mistakes such as inadequate choice of materials and construction. Singapore interior designers are educated with the necessary knowledge, but the truth of it is, school only teaches half of what is actually practiced. The best teacher for top designers is what doctors call, the school of hard knocks. Or in layman’s terms, field experience. As much as possible, while they are still starting, make as many mistakes as possible. With each mistake, the designer learns from it. This will be carried on to the next design, where mistakes will never be made.


Study the lifestyle

This is a very important tip to become a top interior designer. As mentioned earlier, interior design is constantly changing. With styles such as Nordic, Modern, Transitional and even classical being used on an almost daily basis, it is highly recommended that the designer learn the lifestyle of each theme and how they match the preference of the client.

For example, a client wants an interior that evokes a sense of minimalism. Minimalism is a very broad style as it deals with either the Zen style or just the Nordic style. This is where study starts. Many top Singapore interior designers study the client’s lifestyle — how they were brought up, what their job is, what their tasks are, what their overall personality is, and so on. Then they study the theme. How can it be incorporated based on both budget and material availability? How it coincides with the building and more importantly, how it adheres to the requirements. Another way of studying lifestyle is by traveling. Since most of the available styles is inspired by varying cultures, it’s actually a good practice to study its origin as well as understanding why. Many top designers receive praise just by doing simple research. Not only for the sake of the design, but also to better understand the client’s needs.


Open the mind

This was taught to many designers in school. Because school is the foundation of one’s occupation, many starting interior designers rely on the established rules of design. But if there is one thing that is highly suggested, it is to broaden the designer’s mental library. It’s best to learn other tips and tricks. Just because the designer is certified and licensed, that doesn’t mean that the learning. In fact, it just makes it more fun to learn more.

There are many new methods being released in the field. And to be a top Singapore interior designer, one must be able to adapt these new methods in their design. For example, refurbishing an old piece of furniture. The interior designer can either repaint it, repair it or modify it. There are so many methods to choose from. Or say, the building is quite old, but the client wants to reinvent it into something else. There, the designer is given a blank canvas to employ the latest ideas, rehabilitation methods and styles. When interior designers open their minds to new things, they are displaying to themselves and to their clients their dedication to be constantly consistent in updating themselves with the new styles.


These are the top ways to become a top designer. But the best tip is to have the initiative mindset. This means, taking the first step without being told to do so.