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Timeless Interior Designs You Should Embrace

Have you noticed that some rooms are utterly timeless? They feel comfortably vintage and have a tinge of modern feel to them as well. The details are in the furniture, overall ambiance, and the function of the space. Some of the factors that bring out this combination out so well are the comfort they bring out and the point of view they focus on. Moreover, they are also functional and have a sense of space. The best interiors are those that will combine all these factors without creating some visual confusion.

Here are some top timeless designs that an interior design company in Singapore can help you embrace.


1. Neutral Colors

It is tempting to fill your house with all sorts of colors in the hope of achieving a bright outlook. Unfortunately, vibrant colors are always going out of fashion. Neutral colors are still a subtle and wise decision. They tend to accentuate space without threatening to take over everything. For a traditionally styled home, off-whites, greys, and beige always have a way of flattering a room. You can even make do with crisp white colors on the doors and arches.


2. Embrace Functionality

Timeliness design is a factor of functionality. Your style should be neither dull nor ostentatious. It should bring out quiet confidence and avoid excessively busy spaces, patterns, and decorations or shapes. As a guideline, always make sure that the furniture fits comfortably into the room. Do not let them be too small to look insignificant, or too large to dominate the room.


3. Clean Lines are Vital

Many items in the home will go out of style at some point, but ornate or detailed objects are likely to become obsolete faster. This applies to everything from the living room to the kitchen to the bedroom. Simpler designs are expected to remain timeless, and while you add a coat of paint to renew how an item looks, you can’t change its configuration.


4. Embrace Classic Patterns

Classic designs include botanicals, stripes, plaids, and damasks. The damask pattern, for example, has been widely used on the side of chairs and wallpaper. It is a traditional, yet formal and glamorous option. It works well with subtle floral and stripes. Plaid is conservative and classic making it a good choice for upholstery and curtains. Avoid trendy prints like chevron and animal prints. They are not guaranteed to remain timeless.



Choosing timeless designs is a fusion of both contemporary and traditional designs that will withstand the test of time. With the help of a professional interior designer, it is highly unlikely that you will go wrong with what you choose for your home.