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Transforming your Home into your Own Castle (Demo)


When you were still a kid, you must have thought that only kings and queens can live in a castle. As you grow older, you would have tagged along with your parents as they visited different homes of their friends and relatives. Did you ever wonder how each home is different from one another? Not only just because of the different people living in each one, but also because of the different construction and design. Each home is a reflection of the people living in it. Each design is a reflection of who they are. This scenario showcases that you don’t need to be a king or a queen, because your home can be your own castle.

One of the most important areas to give ample time for careful planning in transforming your home is the interior design. Interior design is the art of creative designing of the interiors and maximizing the space to come up with an output, which combines beauty, comfort and functionality. Interior design has evolved through the years – from the simplest ones up to grandest, thus the factors to consider in formulating a design concept have also grown.  Today, these factors include space – which defines the potential and sets the limitation, and the style – which includes the color, lighting, materials and others.

One of the most sought after interior design style by many people is the Scandinavian interior design. Its first golden age extends from around the 1940’s to 1970’s. It boomed into the business after being featured in 1947 edition of the Triennale di Milano, a highly popular design exhibition done in the city of Milan, Italy. Since then, it has emerged and became the popular design it is today.

Scandinavian interior design is loved by many because of its ability to create exquisite beauty in spite of its simplicity and purity. Scandinavian interior design is like a breath of fresh air in this modern era. It focuses on simplicity, functionality and minimalism. If you’re seeking for a style, which can deliver beauty and comfort without the need for grand ornamentals or loud colors, then Scandinavian interior is the one for you.

You must be wondering what makes Scandinavian interior design stand out from others? Here are some of the reasons why:

  1. The bareness of floors

Yes, have you ever thought about how something bare can be beautiful? Well it is and it can be. In Scandinavian design, the floor gains more emphasis by minimizing the use of carpets. Wood floors are commonly used in this design because these deliver an open and relaxing feeling.


  1. Light colors

Colors play a vital role in every design because they set the mood and produce the ambiance. Colors also set the tone and mood, thus, it is important to choose the right colors for your interior design. White, cool grey, cream and pale blue are the colors commonly used in this design because they produce calming effects when carefully and creatively blended together.

  1. Lighting

Another factor that highly affects the ambiance is the amount of light. Perfect lighting allows the room to feel alive that is why large windows like floor to ceiling ones are common in this design to allow natural light to stream in, thereby adding life to the design.

  1. The great reflection for love of nature.

This style reflects the deep love that Scandinavians have for nature. This is the reason why the use of nature-friendly materials, such as wood, is common in this design. You will also notice the use of plants and furnishings that aim to bring a piece of nature inside their homes. It also adds to the life of every room blended together with a great amount of light and perfect blend colors. It also the reason why large windows are used aside from allowing natural light to come in, but also to get a perfect view of the nature outside while enjoying the beautiful interior of your home.

  1. The use of simple yet elegant furniture.

Simplicity is the driving principle of this design, thus, it is known for using furniture that is not too grand but can deliver an exquisite feeling of elegance. Some of these are white wood furnishings, antique clocks, chairs that take up little visual space and others.

  1. Corner fireplaces

Other designs have the fireplace installed in the middle of the room unlike in the Scandinavian interior design wherein it is placed in the corner. They were not meant to take most the visual space and only aim to add accent to the mood and ambiance. It focuses on its functionality, which is to provide warmth during long winter nights.

  1. Balcony

Since the love for nature of Scandinavians are very evident, a balcony is also common among Scandinavians homes. Aside from the large windows, the balcony allows them to get a good view of the nature outside.


  1. Functionality

Scandinavian interior design focuses on simplicity and minimalism, but it does not come short when it comes to functionality. It does not use grand furnishings but those that are compact that take up less visual space but are also functional to give an open, relaxed airy feel. This style utilizes furniture that may seem simple, but are also capable to look elegant and be functional because they add to the character and lively ambiance of the design.


All in all, Scandinavian interior design revolves around simplicity and functionality for its driving principle. It focuses on creating a lively and relaxed ambiance with minimal amount of grand furnishing but does not come short when it comes to elegance. It allows you get a taste of nature while also enjoying the beautiful interior of your home. If you would like to have a home that is simple yet elegant with a good amount of nature in it then this design is the one for you.

Considering the factors above or by contacting a trusted interior designer that can help you, you may now start transforming your home into your own castle – one that is fit for a king and a queen.