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Office Renovation Singapore (Demo)



First impressions matter in Singapore’s corporate culture. A properly constructed office renovation Singapore job speaks for itself, especially to future clients, job applicants, employees, and for top management. The company’s image rises from the mundane thanks to an updated work space environment. World Green Building Council’s CEO Jane Henley links the benefits of a good office design to its workers in a research study.


The reasons that the company decides to undergo renovation includes:


  • Relocation

The company has transferred to a new office.

  • Massive growth of the number of employees

There are many people working in the different departments. The numbers of desks are not directly proportional to the total number of staff working inside the office.


  • Change in management

There may be promotions in the office, and top management decides to update the layout of the offices as a reward for a job well done.


  • Outdated office design styles.

The designs keep changing. If the office starts to look dodgy because of antiquated furniture, it won’t be up to par with the standards of the business. Trust is key to a successful business, and one has to look the part, even how the office is designed.


  • Staff getting sick all the time


While the building is getting old, it may bring about ventilation problems and make everyone in the office sick. Carpets that have not been changed for a long time even when it’s vacuumed, traps unseen dirt that may have settled at the bottom of the carpets.


The motivation to remodel the office stems from one word: change. As the year progresses, new technology ideas pop up one after the other like the invention of the laptop and LED lighting. New design styles are created, and companies must keep up with trends that will represent their business to the world in a better way. It’s about time to overhaul the office that will keep clients and attract new ones. It’s time for the office renovation Singapore project to start.


The office renovation Singapore project benefits the company in many ways:

  • Manages traffic in the office
  • Increases productivity
  • Creates harmony in the work place


There will be reasons that will prevent a company to push through with renovation like: budgetary constraints, and low salience for the office renovation Singapore project.


The first step to start any office renovation Singapore project is to consult a professional interior design company with the following requirements:

  • A member of organizations like : the Asia Pacific Space Designers Alliance (APSDA), The Design Society or the International Design Confederation Singapore


  • Provides a portfolio of the summary of office renovation Singapore projects they have successfully undertaken


  • Positive customer feedback


  • A graduate of a duly accredited Interior Design course, specializing in the office renovation Singapore Possesses knowledge in basic office renovation design.


A professional office interior designer discusses with the potential client the following matters:


  • Asks for the background and vision mission of the company.
  • Offers alternatives for low cost, high quality effective designs in accordance to the budget of the company
  • Presents a portfolio and design that suitable for the company’s needs, history, and location


Things to Consider in the Creation of the Work Space


Freedom Wall


Fictional company Next Innovation in the Japanese drama called Rich Man Poor Woman shows how the owners Toru Hyuga and Kosuke Asahina created the freedom wall as they relocated to their new office. They have provided areas to improve productivity like the rooftop garden, gym and lounge.


The Layout of the Office


How the office is divided can improve work productivity. An office supplies company named Steelcase conducted a study through a third party survey company. The results that a whopping 84 percent of its respondents were not happy with how they function at work for the following reasons:


-Lack of freedom

-Lack of privacy

-Constant micro-managing issues that continuously interrupt

-Poor concentration at work


The Reception Area


The receiving area is the first thing that people see upon entering the office. Since most of the visitors will be staying while waiting for an appointment, or a transaction to be completed, it is important to consider the comfort of the guests arriving. The colors of the reception area should be attractive and welcoming in accordance with the company’s vision and mission.


The Work Space


Ergonomics and creativity are keys in the design of the work area like having custom-made seating and table that adjust to the height of the person. The desk must have tools that reflect the personality of their respective desk owners like cork boards, small photo frames, or a magnetic board that uses magnets to post notes, reminders, and quotations of the day.


Lighting is another concern that needs to be addresses especially if the worker will be using a laptop or desktop computer most of the time.


Going Green


Plants are beneficial to the overall wellbeing of the staff. A company that recycles its trash contributes to a better society. Singapore has been affected by bouts of haze since 1972 that vehicles have to turn on their headlights during the daytime because of limited visibility.



Sleeping Area


A fifteen minute power nap benefits working people. The office renovation Singapore design company can create a design for a lounge area, or rumpus room that can allow a number of workers to take mini naps while doing a project.


Contents of the Contract


What are the important details to consider when reviewing the contract that the office renovation Singapore company offers? A contract must be transparent in all its affairs, through listing the length of time it will take for the project to be completed. The contract will also provide a detailed and itemized list of materials to be used for the project. It is overwhelming for the client to see in their final billing a material that was not mentioned in the project. Such situation can lead to a breach of contract, and even lawsuits. Take time to read the fine prints of the contract, and have a lawyer nearby to answer your questions on the legalities of the project.


For further questions about office renovation Singapore design and projects, please contact your nearest interior design company for a quote.